Business and Office Recycling

For our business customers, we will come inside your space to a location that you choose to collect your recyclables. It’s never been that easy to recycle at work!

Choose Your Containers
We offer a variety of recycling containers to create a custom program that works for you. Put a wheeled cart outside, or go with slim jims right in the office!
Choose a Frequency
We’ll come by as often or as little as you’d like, whether that’s every day or once a month. We’re flexible like that.
You Recycle Everything
Unlike some other companies, we’ll take all of your recycling, from cardboard and paper to plastic, metal, and even glass. All in one container, with no sorting required. Save dumpster space, and save the planet too!
We Pick it Up
Our clean, courteous drivers arrive in uniform with photo ID badges. And because all of our drivers are TrashCab employees, you see the same friendly faces each time.


TrashCab will provide your business with the following supplies and materials:

  • 1 recycling bag per recycling station per week (included in cost)
  • Small Hopper bins to use for desk side and/or paper recycling (Limited quantity included in cost; additional bins may be leased. See bins sheet for more details)
  • Large recycling stations to fit the needs of your business (see bins sheet for pricing and details)
Offering the state of Ohio premium and custom recycling services.