Trash Room Management

With TrashCab’s Full Service Trash Room Management, we will place 95 Gallon trash and recycling carts in each trash room and haul all material away from each individual floor. There has never been a more convenient waste and recycling program for your urban style properties!

Convenient placement of 95 gallon trash & recycling carts in each trash room
No Dumpster Needed
All waste hauled off site - no need for a dumpster or compactor
Odor Control
Organic odor control to keep your trash rooms fresh
No Clogs
Clear trash chutes - no more clogs
Flexible collection schedules. Choose from as little as 1x per week, or as often as 7x per week
High Capacty
TrashCab trucks have over 1,500% the capacity of any other doorstep provider in the area


TrashCab will provide your business with the following supplies and materials:

  • 95 gallon trash carts to be placed in each trash room
  • 95 gallon recycling carts to be plaed in each trash room
  • Large recycling stations for common area recycling at
    each property
  • We will collect recycling from the common areas of your property, including your lobby, leasing office, pool, gym area, and laundry facilities at no additional charge.
Offering the state of Ohio premium and custom recycling services.